Supporting Employers and Employees through the return to work process

Illness or injury impacts a persons ability to work. Early intervention can make the difference between a decline into longer-term sick leave or have a positive focus on working towards recovery.

The trouble with an illness or an injury is that it is usually unexpected, uncontrolled, unexplained or unpredictable – but always unwanted.

Up to €15K Grant Assistance to retain employee’s with an acquired illness, condition or impairment.

Who We Are?

Connect4Work  is an early intervention case management service consulting with employers on strategies and interventions to work toward the positive outcome of a sustainable return to work for their absent employee.
Dealing with so many unknowns it can be very difficult for anybody to get through an illness or recover from an injury and see a pathway back to work.

If the person cannot see it, how are you as an employer meant to plan for it?

Absenteeism is a problem for  companies, no matter what their size.  Reducing absenteeism can have a significant impact, both directly and indirectly on turnover.

Absence Management –

It’s what we do.

The trouble with an illness or an injury is that it is usually unexpected, uncontrolled, unexplained or unpredictable – but always unwanted.  
Connect4Work, as your business partner, can make a real difference in the management of absenteeism and employee retention.

What does that mean for you as an employer?

Connect4Work works closely with you – an Employer who has an employee absent from work for four weeks or more.  Our policies will be integrated with yours to effectively manage the absence and retention of your valued employee.

It is not about pushing your employee to return too early – it is more focussed on the employee returning at the right time, with the right supports to stay in work.

Why Is The Service Needed?

The longer a person is away from work the less likely they are to return.

This is not a healthy situation for an organization or its employees.  Instead, consider this – Work is good for an individuals’ health, wellbeing and financial position; and in turn healthy employees are good for business.

Did You Know?

After 6 months, 50% of employees do not return to their work at all and this increases to 80% at 12 months.

What’s next?  If you want to answer “Yes” to these questions

Contact Connect4Work

  • Do you have an integrated absence/retention management strategy in place?
  • If so, does it include a formal return to work plan (RTWP)
  • Is it overseen by a certified disability management specialist who has the work experience and educational background to handle a variety of issues that may arise in the work place?
  • Is there a joint effort across your organization in monitoring and maintaining an absence/retention management program?
  • Do you know what is your annual absenteeism rate?
  • Do you track a cost / benefit analysis of having an absence retention strategy in place?

Would you like to be able to answer Yes to all of these questions?

Planning with Policies


Managing the Absence


Supporting the Return




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