There are many benefits to working in collaboration with Connect4Work and integrating our policies in line with your own.

  • It provides clarity to everybody on their role and responsibility during the absence and later in the return to work planning.
  • This integrated approach establishes a single point of contact for all absent employees
  • Regular updates so you are kept fulling informed on progress of plans
  • Support your HR function, Line Managers or other stakeholders to effectively plan for the return
  • Assistance with any relevant grant applications
  • Enables you to provide for the continued wellbeing of your staff



  • Limit the costs of absenteeism through improved quality and sales
  • Promote workplace productivity
  • Improve and increase retention rates amongst your valued employees

All of the benefits will facilitate you to addresses Corporate Social Responsibilities goals, creates a positive corporate image and highlights you as an employer of choice.

It also leaves your employee free from worry about their job because from an early onset of absence, their focus is on return to work.