Planning with Policies

Connect4Work policies are designed to work in tandem with an employers’ own set of procedures.  These policies are work-focused with the goal of optimizing a successful and timely return to work.

They will provide clarity and consistency to all staff on the procedure should an illness/injury related absence lasting or likely to last more than 4 weeks occur.  Additionally, it will inform employer and employee alike on their role and responsibilities throughout the planning process

Managing the absence

Early intervention is key to recovery and a successful return to work.  Potential barriers can be identified and actions undertaken to reduce their impact on return to work.  Regular communication on progress of the plan with all parties is of paramount importance, enabling a more effective absence management strategy.

Supporting the Return

The primary goal is to return the employee to their pre-injury/illness work because that is what he/she has the skills to perform.  The role should be consistent with the employee’s abilities. Support will be offered to both employer and employee for up to three months from date of return through pre-scheduled review meetings at which time the plan will be updated accordingly as the persons needs may change during the process.


Mary has a work hard ethos and this is reflected throughout her service.  After each intervention, all parties will be invited to complete an evaluation form.  This is an opportunity to put forward any comments or suggestions on areas where the service may be offered better or differently.

Take the first step

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